“When was the last time the world wasn’t falling apart”? Famous lines from one of my favorite films, Blood Diamond

Everybody lives in a little world of their own and that is a perfectly good defense mechanism.

But when your existence tries to fall apart, a change in scenery and perspective holds the strength to help you move on.

You just need a tiny jolt to wade away the muck and start seeing clearly again.

I chose to pack my bags and go back to my roots, the sea. My ancestors lived by the one of the greatest ports of India, Cochin. They saw the water shape the land and the land shape the water over the ages. It was time I saw how changes can be a good thing too.

A packed bag, some cash and hopping on the next available mode of transport, I took a  solo trip for a day and everything began falling in place after that.

Live updates of my whimsy helped show me that what I do also matters, even if it was to random instagram users who were following the #antisiesta

Antisiesta, by definition means, restless travel.

Antisiesta is NOT luxury travel,

Antisiesta is NOT even a vacation,

Antisiesta is NOT escapism,

Antisiesta is NOT soul searching,

Antisiesta is soul finding.

This video shot on a cheap smartphone documents the nuances of my impulse journey.




Notes from the Marketing Manager’s desk

Marketing 101

Paper Boat, drinks and memories

I’d like to know who’s at the helm of the marketing division of this company.

Right from the name of the brand’s name to the punchline, they have nailed the associations with the sub conscious of the buyer or even just the prospective buyer.

Did anyone know what the name Rizwan meant? Unless my name was Rizwan or I named someone Rizwan, I wouldn’t be one to know what it meant.


This little video is one of the few Youtube ads that I haven’t skipped in some time and it was well worth it.

In true spirit of the notes from the necropsy style, I’d love to reduce it to what or how it makes you blindfolded into buying the product which is what successful advertising is, but just this once I think I won’t.

But just to give you a gist of the emotions it provokes in you,

It highlights all the classic cliches of making you feel empty only to make you fill you up.

-You are unique.

-Fruits (or flowers in this case) of your own hand are always better.

-Dogs are a sign of accomplishment.

-Urban life is shit.

-Simple life is awesome

-Tea is awesome too.

-We just deviated from showing our actual product in our own commercial and showed a hot beverage which is a complete opposite of what we sell. We are genius!


-Childhood romance.

-Fruition of the said romance.



-Reassurance that you are indeed unique. (Spend on yourself for as long as you can last/survive)

That’s it for now.

Advertising. Messing with your subconscious decision making capabilities since the bear trap went out of vogue.

Yes.. I’m making a comeback with more of these Notes from the Necropsy



7 Predictons for Terminator-Genisys

The generation that caught Terminator 2 Judgment Day early on in their lives is the one that will truly appreciate any terminator movie.

Judgment day was what colors are to painting.  It is a perfect example to reference to the magic of movie editing, top of the line computer generated imagery and not one, but two bad ass robots from the future. And you could train one like it was your puppy.

With the launch of the fifth edition in the Terminator franchise with an eye popping motion poster, a revamp in cast and the clever retention of the popular background score, aniShism would like to present its speculations about the new one.

1. Genisys

I’m guessing this is the name given to some kind of a software or program that either counters skynet or is the what has been controlling skynet all along.

2. Jai Courtney got cast simply because of his resemblance to Christian Bale


3. Jason Clarke’s character will turn out to be some kind of a snitch who has a behavior altering epiphany 80% into the story and possibly sacrifices himself.



4. Matt Smith has to be a robot. His mortal enemy in Doctor who is a robot. I demand for some irony.



5. J.K Simmons, villain!movies-jk-simmons



6. Byung-hun Lee, you’d expect him to be a robot because of his devoted body and well, Asian features. But he could be as human as the next guy in the film.

7. Emilia Clarke is for this movie what Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whitley and that other underage chick from the transformers movie I did not care to watch watch are to Michael Bay.


Sure, you love her in Game of Thrones, but have you caught this TV film she was in?


No bucket. But a list

It is like sending the naughty child to stand in the corner of the room. My misbehaving little bitch needs some punitive correction. Such been such a naughty girl this Monday! I’m not into the whole BDSM thing, not regularly at the least.

Never read fifty shades of grey. Don’t even know if I’m making the right references here.

But if my little baby were to be sent off to a desert island. She’d need her


That stupid sweater of hers

All her silly stuffed toys

Toilet paper &


Because she cannot do jack to feed herself if I’m not around. The last time she was in the kitchen, she almost made a cake using salt for the flour. I wonder how that would have gone.

Someone Else’s Island


Defining gratitude

The scorching heat in Delhi can get to you faster than a lightning bolt if you are not paying attention and hydrating yourself. If you are a first timer here then this process can get harder while you are looking for directions.

I could not wait to get out of the train that was already late by three hours. I had but a matter of a few hours to spend in Delhi on my first visit there. Before I had to catch an overnight bus to the mountains that night. This had been the longest solo trip of mine yet. A two night long trip from Bangalore had killed my phone and any trace amount of freshness that could be retained with mere deodorants.

What I wanted now was to deposit my big box of camera equipment in a locker. Charge my phone to make 3 maybe 4 calls. See the India Gate and get a beer and some filling quantities of food before it gets too late to get back to the station, pick up my big box and head to the bus station at the other end of the city.

In all this jam packed list of things I had to do. My number one priority was the India Gate. Watching it every year religiously at the Republic Day parade had never been enough for me. I was this close to it. I picked up a rickshaw that would take me there. It was one of those pre-booked rickshaws where the fare was already discussed. For matters of convenience to the driver, two of us with separate destinations were allotted one rickshaw.

The passenger along with me was from my parents’ hometown and it had to be pure coincidence. We struck up a conversation in our native language. The auto driver who had no clear grasp over our language still managed to understand the basics. He got to know that I was here for the first time and that the other guy was a regular to Delhi. He obviously knew we had one too many things in common. Before we could know it, all three of us are in deep conversation about the environment, politics and even choosing wives.

Almost reaching my destination, the driver, summarized our conversation, our little trip, and made a suggestion to the co-passenger about dropping me closer to my destination that previously agreed upon. This would delay both of them by quite some bit. I was surprised that a person with whom I have more in common did not think of this and a complete stranger thought of this. Heck, I did not think of asking this myself.

They politely agreed and dropped me off at a spot where the rickshaw shouldn’t ideally be spending too much time halting. I don’t think I had enough time to thank them enough before the vehicles behind us started honking and the driver made way, waving me goodbye. Leaving me staring at the magnificent India Gate, an ocean of emotions gushing in.

I have a problem with remembering names,  for this one time I wish I didn’t. I want to think these two strangers. Probably the most remembered strangers in all my journeys. I hope to recognize you if I ever spotted you some place and thank you in person.

Thank you.

Also, thanks to small-town girls midnight trains for refreshing this memory in your post.

Never Too Late


noodle surprise

There are some things that are known for the convenience that the bring to our lives. You could not have them any other way. One such invention for convenience is the instant noodles. It comes in a packet. All you need to do is boil it. It has been the quickest breakfast, an instant snack and a quick hunger buster from as many years as I can remember in my life.

There are times when you’ve been stuck in traffic for an extra hour. Times when you boss has been such a jerk, times when your office computer just refused to cooperate. Times when you have been just so tired and all you needed was some food to go down your mouth. A packet of noodles is ideal for these times. A small twist is to add an egg to it just to amplify the mouth feel of it.

To appreciate the little things in life that give us so much pleasure and return the favor, I decided to add a small surprise to this simple recipe.

To show my appreciation to the noodle packet, I present to you, Gooey Noodle Surprise


Shaken and Stirred



It’s time to call bob

Chris scampered to his cupboard to find his little wooden box.

As he tries to open its lock, his bloody hands are shaking. He can feel the blood loss taking away his senses. The world begins to slowly spin, one missed footstep at a time. He can feel one shoe soaking with the blood from the bullet in his thigh and the other one from the one in his hip.

Coming to terms with his condition, he realizes that there is no time to be wasted wondering if this is the right thing to do. If he is in this state, this has to be done. The point of compiling the best interest of everyone has passed. He was the best at his job and that is why he had been given the box. Because, nobody expected him to fail.

In the fight against the corrupt politicians of this city filled with history, the resistance had laid out many traps to stop their atrocities. One such trap was Chris, 32 years old, abandoned at a dead end by the corrupt hands of the law. He was supposed to stand up for the new form of law. The law of the righteous. He was going to bring to light, the dysfunction brought about from having power hungry men representing the people.

Chris had successfully gathered all the evidence that was required to put the king pin in jail. He had been working underground for 7 years now. He had forgotten who he really was. He hasn’t had a girlfriend or even just a girl who hadn’t ended up dead in an alley. Just as he was going to get the tape recorder he put in the king pin’s office, he had been made. They knew he was a spy and that they cannot let him get out.

He had managed to dodge all but the two bullets that have fatally wounded him. He had lost the tape in the struggle. There was only one way to end this now. Time to call uncle Bob. No more of going undercover, sacrificing time or lives of precious people. No more tapes, no more letting someone else serve justice. There aren’t anymore people who can put themselves through what Chris did. Nobody that believes in the same exact methods and values of achieving them like Chris did. He only knows now of the one person who cares exactly enough if not more for the end result, the end of King Pin’s reign.

He opens the box, takes out the little cell phone from it and sends the one word needed for Uncle Bob to fix this, to fix everything “KILL.”  Chris might have never trusted Uncle Bob for his methods or for his beliefs. But Chris knows that he can trust Uncle Bob to do this one thing. Chris had his word that Uncle Bob would avenge him.

Calling Uncle Bob



When you desire of something, it is said that the entire universe conspires to help you achieve it. I think that is bull! The means of you achieving something or not is by you doing certain things or choosing not to do certain other things. Nov 8th this year, I launched my first documentary, a one man cross country mountain biking race documentary film on youtube. I wanted the film to go to festivals. I submitted it only to one. I wanted to host free screenings with bike shops in Bangalore. No one found the time to schedule one.

I wanted this film to go places. And I believe that its journey has just begun. I’ve gotten very good responses to it. Great feedback and now a bonus too.

Deccan Chronicle 2014-11-23

The story behind the making of the film has gotten to become so compelling that a complete stranger of a journalist from Deccan Chronicle wanted to feature it.  And feature it, she did. She made sure she got a hold of me to answer her interview and then went the extra mile to get me to do a photo shoot because us introverts behind a camera rarely have good pictures of ourselves.

You can click on the image to read the full article.

If you cannot fathom what this whole thing is about and are not challenged with the internet attention deficit. You can check out Meeting Mountains here


For everything else there is Mastercard

The best things in  life are allegedly free. The best thing in the world is an Ice cream cake and it is not free. I would know. But there are things that are free if you do not count the cost of the efforts taken to get to that point.

If you want to climb a mountain, you leave home, get on a bus, possibly trek. Even if you live on the side of this mountain, you will need one meal, minimum. Perhaps an Ice cream cake? Are you brave enough to only drink straight out of a stream? Then you have saved some money on that dubious bottled water. The mountain top is going to be cold. You bought a sweater for say 100 bucks, socks for 20 and a cap for 30 making your grand total to get on top of the mountain 170. Assuming the mountain is yours and you ate no ice cream cake for a meal but some daal chawal instead.

The view on top of the mountain? Has to be good, right? Would you care to spend 170 bucks on this adventure otherwise? That right there is the payoff, the part that is free. The experience of this end result. Anybody could question your motives, but it is a matter of perspective. One man would say that you are nuts for spending time and money to climb a mountain. This man might be the actual owner of the mountain and is fed up of the view. Another might say that this isn’t the mountain you should climb and point to another one. He likes the view from that one. You don’t know it for sure. If you just take his word for it, you did not spend an additional 170 bucks on that second mountain and neither did you get that second view for free.


Is it really a loss when you lose something that was free to being with? Depends. Was it Ice cream cake or was it an incredible view? Because incredible views are always free and worth the effort.

If someone is missing out on an incredible view and that little moment of peace. As human beings, it becomes our job to be unselfish this one time and guide them to it. It adds to your bucket of peace that you have been carrying around.

In life there will always be that desire for ‘one more time.’ That second chance to do something. But if you never did it the first time, you will not have anything to compare it with.

Let me not go into sociology, but I think we might have evolved a tad bit too much in forming norms that have become controlling factors and make Ice cream cake inaccessible to all. The cheat code to this is to learn to bake. You will only be spending money on the ingredients that will help you get to that moment of free when you dig in to that first bite of the cake and it sends a small shiver through your teeth. You begin to feel its moist texture melting away in to the depths of your heart, illuminating your lungs and ribs along its way.

Spend on the ingredients of a great experience and the experience will come to you for free. Don’t bother if some one calls you cuckoo for doing it only for the experience of it and not seeing another form of benefit in it. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.

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