Creative Director’s notes

A while back, India’s very own motorcycle manufacturer released the new version of its biggest capacity motorcycle. The 223cc Hero Karizma  ZMR. Habitually, they had to release a TV commercial to more than let people know that the bike is available. I have hard core fans of the older Karizma R come up to me and tell me that the advertisement is mind-numbingly omnipresent! TV, Youtube, everyhere. You couldn’t escape the ad and I couldn’t escape the process of the creative director who put the ad together.

There are two factors that I cannot digest. In this scenarios, solving for x, solves for y as well. Is the commercial picturized in the north pole or the south pole. If it was meant to be the north pole, then the creative team fucked up and if it was meant to be the south pole, the creative team still fucked up.
1) Ice breaker ship: Can be found at either poles.
2) Dumbass who will leave his camera gear lying around on a table in rocking ship: Can be found at either poles.
3) Penguins: Can only be found in the south pole. No, I’m wrong. They are just not found naturally in the north pole!  So, this is Antarctica, right?
4) Dumbass who will take a motorcycle in the snow instead of a snowmobile: Can be found at either poles.

I’m just yanking their chain. Of course I know the whole ad is meant for creative visualization only. No one who manages to buy this bike inspite of its hideous ‘my plastic is spilling out of my body size’ look, will ever actually take it to one of the two polar regions you are trying to tell us that this bike can survive.  Even if someone did, it has to be for a reason as naive as clicking a photograph and not having a patiala peg of whisky to celebrate it.

5) Northern Lights: Is particular only to the norther hemisphere. If you are in the penguin inhabited Southern hemisphere, it is called Southern Lights. This one is the deal breaker. I’m guessing the client had you insert the text that says Northern Lights or some jackass there asked you, ‘Do you think every one in the audience can identify what that colorful smoke is?’ and forced you to explain it with a text blurb.
Somewhere in the creative director’s notes I’d like to know that he (I’m guessing a woman was not in-charge of this ad) considered using the term, Aurora instead of Norther Lights. Because then he could have been true to his clients, manager and to the one bloody pole where you can show penguins and get away with it.

Notes from the Necropsy is a collection of observations derived while I satisfy my dark desire to dissect the alleged creative process of popular media. 


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