Let’s finally meet the mountains

I began making this film with the layman in my mind as its audience. Over time, I have realized that there are no more laymen and laywomen watching movies on the internet or elsewhere. Everyone is a fucking critic, a cinematographer, an editor or god forbid anything other than a fucking director. Even more so, no one wants to be in production. So, I’ve finally made this film for me and the magic of cycling and obviously dedicated to my family. But mostly because it has been hounding me, and for me to be done with it and move on.

Here is the film, whatever it is, this is how it is. And what it is, is a great teacher. One that taught me more of how not to do things than how to do things. I only look at this film as the best piece of practice I’ve had as a broke ass film maker. I’m thankful for every thing that happened in my life until now that has helped make this film the way it is. I also thank everyone in my life, friend, foe, stranger or companion.

I entertain all degrees of feedback but I shall never tolerate any form of mockery!

All the cursing aside, Presenting Meeting Mountains my debut documentary that makes your life a little bit simpler and a lot more serene. Enjoy.

Yes, it is 37 minutes long and no, I don’t think it is too long.


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