For everything else there is Mastercard

The best things in  life are allegedly free. The best thing in the world is an Ice cream cake and it is not free. I would know. But there are things that are free if you do not count the cost of the efforts taken to get to that point.

If you want to climb a mountain, you leave home, get on a bus, possibly trek. Even if you live on the side of this mountain, you will need one meal, minimum. Perhaps an Ice cream cake? Are you brave enough to only drink straight out of a stream? Then you have saved some money on that dubious bottled water. The mountain top is going to be cold. You bought a sweater for say 100 bucks, socks for 20 and a cap for 30 making your grand total to get on top of the mountain 170. Assuming the mountain is yours and you ate no ice cream cake for a meal but some daal chawal instead.

The view on top of the mountain? Has to be good, right? Would you care to spend 170 bucks on this adventure otherwise? That right there is the payoff, the part that is free. The experience of this end result. Anybody could question your motives, but it is a matter of perspective. One man would say that you are nuts for spending time and money to climb a mountain. This man might be the actual owner of the mountain and is fed up of the view. Another might say that this isn’t the mountain you should climb and point to another one. He likes the view from that one. You don’t know it for sure. If you just take his word for it, you did not spend an additional 170 bucks on that second mountain and neither did you get that second view for free.


Is it really a loss when you lose something that was free to being with? Depends. Was it Ice cream cake or was it an incredible view? Because incredible views are always free and worth the effort.

If someone is missing out on an incredible view and that little moment of peace. As human beings, it becomes our job to be unselfish this one time and guide them to it. It adds to your bucket of peace that you have been carrying around.

In life there will always be that desire for ‘one more time.’ That second chance to do something. But if you never did it the first time, you will not have anything to compare it with.

Let me not go into sociology, but I think we might have evolved a tad bit too much in forming norms that have become controlling factors and make Ice cream cake inaccessible to all. The cheat code to this is to learn to bake. You will only be spending money on the ingredients that will help you get to that moment of free when you dig in to that first bite of the cake and it sends a small shiver through your teeth. You begin to feel its moist texture melting away in to the depths of your heart, illuminating your lungs and ribs along its way.

Spend on the ingredients of a great experience and the experience will come to you for free. Don’t bother if some one calls you cuckoo for doing it only for the experience of it and not seeing another form of benefit in it. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.

In response to Do You Need To Travel To be a Free Bird?


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