When you desire of something, it is said that the entire universe conspires to help you achieve it. I think that is bull! The means of you achieving something or not is by you doing certain things or choosing not to do certain other things. Nov 8th this year, I launched my first documentary, a one man cross country mountain biking race documentary film on youtube. I wanted the film to go to festivals. I submitted it only to one. I wanted to host free screenings with bike shops in Bangalore. No one found the time to schedule one.

I wanted this film to go places. And I believe that its journey has just begun. I’ve gotten very good responses to it. Great feedback and now a bonus too.

Deccan Chronicle 2014-11-23

The story behind the making of the film has gotten to become so compelling that a complete stranger of a journalist from Deccan Chronicle wanted to feature it.  And feature it, she did. She made sure she got a hold of me to answer her interview and then went the extra mile to get me to do a photo shoot because us introverts behind a camera rarely have good pictures of ourselves.

You can click on the image to read the full article.

If you cannot fathom what this whole thing is about and are not challenged with the internet attention deficit. You can check out Meeting Mountains here


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