7 Predictons for Terminator-Genisys

The generation that caught Terminator 2 Judgment Day early on in their lives is the one that will truly appreciate any terminator movie.

Judgment day was what colors are to painting.  It is a perfect example to reference to the magic of movie editing, top of the line computer generated imagery and not one, but two bad ass robots from the future. And you could train one like it was your puppy.

With the launch of the fifth edition in the Terminator franchise with an eye popping motion poster, a revamp in cast and the clever retention of the popular background score, aniShism would like to present its speculations about the new one.

1. Genisys

I’m guessing this is the name given to some kind of a software or program that either counters skynet or is the what has been controlling skynet all along.

2. Jai Courtney got cast simply because of his resemblance to Christian Bale


3. Jason Clarke’s character will turn out to be some kind of a snitch who has a behavior altering epiphany 80% into the story and possibly sacrifices himself.



4. Matt Smith has to be a robot. His mortal enemy in Doctor who is a robot. I demand for some irony.



5. J.K Simmons, villain!movies-jk-simmons



6. Byung-hun Lee, you’d expect him to be a robot because of his devoted body and well, Asian features. But he could be as human as the next guy in the film.

7. Emilia Clarke is for this movie what Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whitley and that other underage chick from the transformers movie I did not care to watch watch are to Michael Bay.


Sure, you love her in Game of Thrones, but have you caught this TV film she was in?


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