Notes from the Marketing Manager’s desk

Marketing 101

Paper Boat, drinks and memories

I’d like to know who’s at the helm of the marketing division of this company.

Right from the name of the brand’s name to the punchline, they have nailed the associations with the sub conscious of the buyer or even just the prospective buyer.

Did anyone know what the name Rizwan meant? Unless my name was Rizwan or I named someone Rizwan, I wouldn’t be one to know what it meant.


This little video is one of the few Youtube ads that I haven’t skipped in some time and it was well worth it.

In true spirit of the notes from the necropsy style, I’d love to reduce it to what or how it makes you blindfolded into buying the product which is what successful advertising is, but just this once I think I won’t.

But just to give you a gist of the emotions it provokes in you,

It highlights all the classic cliches of making you feel empty only to make you fill you up.

-You are unique.

-Fruits (or flowers in this case) of your own hand are always better.

-Dogs are a sign of accomplishment.

-Urban life is shit.

-Simple life is awesome

-Tea is awesome too.

-We just deviated from showing our actual product in our own commercial and showed a hot beverage which is a complete opposite of what we sell. We are genius!


-Childhood romance.

-Fruition of the said romance.



-Reassurance that you are indeed unique. (Spend on yourself for as long as you can last/survive)

That’s it for now.

Advertising. Messing with your subconscious decision making capabilities since the bear trap went out of vogue.

Yes.. I’m making a comeback with more of these Notes from the Necropsy



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