“When was the last time the world wasn’t falling apart”? Famous lines from one of my favorite films, Blood Diamond

Everybody lives in a little world of their own and that is a perfectly good defense mechanism.

But when your existence tries to fall apart, a change in scenery and perspective holds the strength to help you move on.

You just need a tiny jolt to wade away the muck and start seeing clearly again.

I chose to pack my bags and go back to my roots, the sea. My ancestors lived by the one of the greatest ports of India, Cochin. They saw the water shape the land and the land shape the water over the ages. It was time I saw how changes can be a good thing too.

A packed bag, some cash and hopping on the next available mode of transport, I took a  solo trip for a day and everything began falling in place after that.

Live updates of my whimsy helped show me that what I do also matters, even if it was to random instagram users who were following the #antisiesta

Antisiesta, by definition means, restless travel.

Antisiesta is NOT luxury travel,

Antisiesta is NOT even a vacation,

Antisiesta is NOT escapism,

Antisiesta is NOT soul searching,

Antisiesta is soul finding.

This video shot on a cheap smartphone documents the nuances of my impulse journey.




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