The ghost in the machine is a very popular concept. There have always been rare and mostly unexplained outputs from machines, outputs so unpredictable that these outputs have gotten termed as behavior, which if regular or irregular, is a strictly human trait. This behavior in machines is what has given rise to the idea of the idea of a ghost in the machine.

There are many ghosts in the world. All that lacks sufficient proof and explanation are termed as ghosts in order to keep the occurrence or the memory of it alive. Any entity that has no form and structure is easier to keep alive if it has a name and certain characteristics, real or assumed assigned to it.

Mimicking human behavior artificially has been at the forefront of research for many years. Human behavior and thought has been so random and erratic, that it was deemed unnecessary and therefore all research on artificial intelligence aims at making it perfect, logical and extremely accurate to such an extent that there is always only either a ‘zero’ or a ‘one’ at its roots. Nothing in between, everything extremely definite! An extra effort needs to be put into achieving this as the undetectable ghosts in the machine constantly challenge such an outcome.

Artificial intelligence therefore turns out to be something that was founded and developed only to constantly challenge the unpredictability of the human mind with its own unbelievable levels of definite outcomes. Thus making it the exact opposite of human intelligence. In its efforts at being the opposite of human behavior, it has ironically only been struggling ever so more to be exactly like that of humans, in its voices, appearance, functions and even form. It is almost as if artificial intelligence, aimed at negating human intelligence or involvement cannot survive without the approval of humans itself.

In a time where to render obsolete is the only form of up-gradation and human interaction has been challenged at every step by human progress. In the year 2018, children and teenagers spend less and less time getting physical activity and therefore, a drug in the form of vaccination has been administered into every child born after Jan 2017 to prevent childhood obesity just like any other disease.

It is also a time where farmer suicide rates are being challenged by failed talent show contestants who begin at a very naïve and young age looking for shortcuts to success. The quantitative measure of success has been deemed impossible due to its ever changing definition. The ozone layer has depleted 0.34% more than it was predicted to have depleted five years ago.

There is no such thing as political unrest anymore because people do not believe in ideologies.  The sole purpose of life has become survival and the melancholy that comes from it. In order to keep up with the machines around, people have turned themselves into hyper productive beings who at the recommendation of one more world leader are ready to proclaim logic as a new religion.

The Renaissance movement of humanism has had its sequel not too cleverly titled as Re-humanism. As political unrest in the name of religion had taken its toll on the world and the so called religions extremists themselves came up with Re-humanism in order to save the number of members of their society from depleting into nothing.

Re-humanism has been trying very closely to guide human beings to find happiness in things that are material and therefore not spend time following religious practices and in turn use that time in much productive activities that will ensure the survival of the race.

Re-humanism has managed to make the world a better place. Economies have been very successful. The average human only needs to work for 80% as long as he used to just 3 years ago and is able to provide a better standard of living because duration for the nurturing of the young has been drastically reduced.

Autonomous robots outside manufacturing plants are still a thing of science fiction and so are flying cars and hover boards and communication with alien races. And yet everywhere one turns to, everything has been automated. Purchases, school admissions, transportation to a certain extent, employment, unemployment, provision of and suspension of services, dating and the finding of love and many more have been completely automated. And the only people whom one could catch complaining are the ones who have not yet been subjected to this level of automation.

In a time like this where a lot has changed and a lot more is yet to change and when a vast majority of the population welcomes it, is where our story of Binary unravels.
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