Whatever floats your boat

Inspired by a very purpose oriented, Super dick. I finally decided to start something new. A weekly comic! I love stories, but I’ve always hated illustrating them. After my formal education in drawing a few years ago at art college, the only thing I managed to pick up is an active allergy towards using the pencil. Its time to reclaim my love for doodling in its pure form. For love and not for marks or a portfolio. May I present, the hopefully amazing, double take guaranteeing, slap to your fiction-fact continuum, Whatever floats your boat. (to be read really fast: A new comic every week, subjected to no condition other than one of apocalyptic scales.)

Weekly cartoon

Weekly cartoon

As an opening, I think this one should give you a celebrated exhibition of the kind of content to come and of course the kind of meticulously crafted illustrated panels.


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