I boycott making a comic today to protest every prick of a client who ever tried to kill my creativity. Instead, I give you FUCK THIS CLIENT by a fellow artist.


Mind control chocolates

17 Kit Kat

You can beat the system.

Clock blocker

Clock blocker

It is pretty much the same feeling for a cock blocker.


Birthday Cake

The first day of this month was my 27th birthday. I went on a cycle ride to a nearby hill, indulged in some self discovery, had fun, but I did not have cake! My parents might have figured that I probably won’t eat it because I have cut down a lot on sweets and sugar. A lot! I did not ask them to get one either. The ride took almost the entire day and hence I did not bother getting one myself either. I do not host  birthday parties and hence no more opportunities of finding a cake. I did not complain neither did I want to. A month later, it irks me. It was my Birthday. Every birthday deserves a cake. And somewhere at the back of my mind, there laid a cake that was not getting eaten. So I got myself a little piece of the heavenly dessert today

This is the reason why I am starting the program. The program is going to be a part of my life. For every single day! And I will dial it up when I have an event coming up, a race or a personal challenge. Because I love cake and so many other foods. I do not want to abstain myself from eating the things I love. I’d like a regulation but not abolishment! It isn’t fair to have missed cake on my birthday. And hence, the program restarts tomorrow.

Here’s how I have prepped for it.

1. I ate my cake and threw it away too because the desire is fulfilled and now out of my system.


2. I watched rocky. Because it is the story of a simpleton being able to do great things.

3. I will smoke a cigarette tonight before I go to sleep to get some closure.

4. Instead of shaving my head off like I usually do, I left out a mohawk. Because, badass is what badass gets.


5. I’ve noted measurements of my body, to compare somewhere in the future.

6. I’ve scribbled all over my calendar on the wall with workouts for each day.

7. I have set alarms on three different devices to make sure I wake up early enough in the morning.

Birthplace of cliches

13 cliche

This one can be hard to understand. Failing to understand it might prove that I still have some friends.  Also, could be the title for my biography.

The Decision Maker 10000

decision maker 10000

This week’s comic is late by a day only because BSNL as an ISP sucks. It had nothing to do with decision making.